ArinaOne One Source of Information

Given the wide geographic scope and multiplicity of organizations, the existence of an integrated information system that helps in managing different fields of the organisation information and processes is essential.

Using the experience gained from continuing presence in various projects, we have designed ArinaOne that helps our clients to manage their data and monitor the progress of their processes and execute them at high-performance scheduled time and budget.

ArinaOne is a central system for managing most of the processes and flows in a company. It includes many features and is built based on modules and hence it is easy to add new modules or update existing ones.

Instead of many different stand-alone applications, applications can be centralized and unified as Modules or Services (One Source of Information).

ArinaOne can be used to unify and centralize all processes and data/content creation.

Why use ArinaOne?

  • One Source of Information
  • Modules/Services instead of stand-alone applications
  • Improves the quality of data/content
  • Better and accurate results in time
  • Streamlines all flows and processes
  • Reduces the cost of projects

The product ArinaOne from ArinaSoft helped us to have full control of internal orders. With its efficient workflow and process management functionality, we could follow the whole cycle from order to delivery.

Project manager
Large automotive company

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