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Selling a product is not the end of the relationship with the customer. Having after-sale services will create confidence, and therefore, it is one of the important priorities of manufacturers.

Many manufacturers, like carmakers, earn their most income from the after-sale services. With increasing competition among the top manufacturers in the world over the past decades, these companies have not only significantly increased the quality of their products, but have taken positive steps to increase customer satisfaction, which in return has increased the sales due to the reduction of customers' worries about the maintenance.

During more than 20 years of consulting and cooperating with automotive companies and their subsidiaries, ArinaSoft has produced and marketed several software in the field of after-sale services. Research on these software products has shown that it has both optimized after-sale service management for automakers and increased customer satisfaction, and therefore made car customers loyal to the products of these companies.

With solution from ArinaSoft we could reduce our annual costs in many fields and raised the quality of our product.

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