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Information Technology is the backbone of any organization. IT plays a crucial role in the business growth. The Information Technology domain offers many products and services each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Many factors come into play when choosing the right technology such as scale of the organization, customer support factors, sales generation modes and more.

Our staff are Microsoft Certified and have the best knowledge and expertise in their fields.

Choosing the right set of technologies and taking into consideration the organization needs demands an IT Consultant with vast experience and well aware of the latest technologies.

We are specialized in identifying, planning, evaluating & delivering suitable IT experts to help our clients in their IT assets. As a professional IT consulting firm, we have the resources, technologies and processes for each aspect of the applications.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in delivering successful projects to our clients.

Babak Rouhi
Founder and CEO


For several decades, we have delivered our IT consultants to our clients with successful results.


Let us develop your projects in our own offices so you do not have to think about issues like extra workspace or computers etc.


Use our expertise in most of your software development projects.


We have extensive experience of web projects and can develop your web systems for your current and future needs.

MOBILE APP Development

We develop all kind of mobile apps that are efficient and user friendly.


You do not have to develop new software from scratch just because your old systems are limited. We can modernise them and make them work with new technology so.

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